Car Safety

Motorcycle Hand Signals Drivers Should Know

With over 8 million motorcycles on the road, it’s an inevitability that at some point, you’ll have to share the road with them. However, there are ways, apart from caution and vigilance, to improve your road relationship with your two-wheeled counterparts. By learning the following motorcycle hand signals, anticipating the moves of bikers will prove […]

Everyday Cars

How Is Your Parking Lot Etiquette?

It’s not a certainty that you’re part of the problem, but many people shut down all their driving instincts upon entering a parking lot or parking garage. Perhaps it’s the anxiety of finding a spot or that it’s not an actual road, but suddenly, no one seems to know how to drive. If you haven’t […]

Car City Service

Do You Know When to Change Your Spark Plugs?

Your car has spark plugs. You probably heard the words before, but maybe you weren’t too sure what they are or how they function. However, spark plugs are an integral part of your car’s efficiency and mechanical integrity. Without them working properly, you’re doomed to a life of terrible fuel economy, noxious odors, and heavy […]


5 Tips for Teaching Teens to Drive

Your young, inexperienced drivers may say they have got it figured out, but these are still the formative years for overall driving attitudes and habits. The better you instruct them, the better they will do on the driver’s exam and the happier and safer they’ll be on the road. Here are five crucial tips for […]