Car Safety

5 Tips to Help Combat Fatigue Behind the Wheel

People tend to focus a lot on driving under the influence because it’s illegal and because it’s easy enough to fix: don’t drink before you drive. However, driving while you’re tired may be just as big a problem: Fatigue can sap your reflexes, prevent you from focusing on the road, and if it’s particularly bad […]

Michigan Community

Top Tailgating Vehicles for Football Season

Tailgating is a bad habit that causes a lot of auto accidents. On the other hand, tailgating parties are a great way to enjoy yourself before a football game, or really, any sporting event. Whether you prefer a truck or an SUV, if you want your vehicle to be party central in the parking lot, […]


Tips for Buying Your Teen a Car

Public transportation is all well and good, as is borrowing a parent’s vehicle, but having your own car is a symbol of independence throughout the United States. Buying your teenage son or daughter a vehicle is a major milestone in his or her life, so it’s important to choose the right one. Here are some […]


Donate School Supplies for Wyoming ISD

Car City Cares is currently collecting school supplies to donate to Wyoming public schools prior to the start of the school year on September 9. We will be collecting supplies at any of the six dealerships in the area, but mainly at the Grand Rapids/Wyoming Michigan location. Donation collection ends at the end of next […]