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4 Advantages of Driving a Used Sedan

After an unprecedented year, opting for a used vehicle stands out as a great choice to save money. For those who wish to save or are unable to purchase a new vehicle because of low credit, getting a used sedan is a great budget-friendly option. From a lower price to cheaper insurance rates, used sedans can help you save extra cash throughout the entire year. At Car City, we have a large selection of sedans available at affordable prices.

Those with budgets or poor credit may feel that they have few options to get behind the wheel. As more automakers focus on producing SUVs and trucks, finding an affordable sedan can be challenging. With starting prices on new sedans climbing each year, it is no wonder so many people turn to used sedans as a budget-friendly option.

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Buying a used sedan can be a cost-effective option when searching for a used vehicle.

Advantages of Buying a Used Sedan

While any used car can be budget-friendly, sedans are unique. Most aspects of car ownership can add up, but with sedans, those extra costs are noticeably lower. At Car City, we understand that getting into a quality, affordable vehicle can be difficult. That’s why we offer a wide selection of quality used vehicles. Below are our top five reasons why sedans are a great budget-friendly option:

  1. Budget-friendliness: It is no secret that buying used vehicles is more affordable than buying new. With the average new car now costing around $40,000 in 2020, buying used is more appealing than ever. For example, a new 2021 Chevy Malibu costs about $24,000, compared to a used 2016 Malibu at $15,990 at Car City. As we all know, new vehicles depreciate the second you drive them off the lot. Some financial analysts even say that new vehicles depreciate as much as 20% in the first year alone! From an affordability perspective, it makes the most sense to do your research and choose a quality used vehicle. At Car City, sedans range from $8,990 to $16,990. Talk about savings!
  2. Ability to choose a better vehicle: You can purchase a nicer used car than if you were to purchase it new. At Car City, customers have the option to drive away in Buicks, Cadillacs, and Lincolns —brands that are normally inaccessible to many with credit issues. When you wish to drive away in a nicer brand but your budget or credit prevents you from doing so, used vehicles are a great option for your lifestyle. 
  3. Lower insurance costs: An often-overlooked expense during the vehicle search is car insurance. According to this interactive graphic from Allstate, used vehicles can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each year in insurance costs when compared to new vehicles.
    Also, according to insurance comparison site The Zebra, the monthly difference in car insurance between pickup trucks and sedans is $102—that’s more than $1,200 a year in savings! Many factors determine insurance costs, so make sure to do your homework before driving away in your new ride.
  4. Greater fuel economy: No one likes constantly stopping to fill their tank. According to Business Insider, Michigan and Indiana residents spend—on average—between $701-$1,000 annually on gasoline. Gas prices add up quickly! To help cut back in these costs, sedans are a great option to avoid constantly filling up. Many of today’s sedans can get above 30 miles per gallon. When combined with the money saved from the purchase price, sedans save you money along the way!
  5. Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, all cars need regular care such as oil changes and tire rotations. When choosing a used sedan, opt for newer model that can last the distance between these scheduled visits. Car City’s inventory is comprised of newer sedan models, so you don’t have to search for long! 

The Bottom Line

So, is buying a used sedan worth it? For those who are on a tight budget or constricted by poor credit, a quality used sedan is a great option. Used sedans are more affordable, cheaper to insure, and have greater fuel economy. Buying used also allows those with poor credit or on a tight budget to choose higher quality brands. With most used car lots selling newer used vehicles, the newer technology ensures a more reliable ride.

Looking for a quality used sedan? Check out our inventory online and complete our online application to get approved for financing today! There is a wide selection of sedans to choose from that fit most budgets.

At Car City, all vehicles come with a six month/6,000-mile warranty, GAP coverage, and a three-day money back guarantee. Car City also offers a minimum of $1,000 for your vehicle trade. Simply bring your trade-in vehicle to any Car City location and apply the trade-in value towards your new ride!

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