5 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Grand Rapids, MI

Take the family out for something fun and out of the ordinary! Not only will these activities cost you little, but they also appeal to a wider age range than what you might expect. Here’s the rundown on five great family friendly activities to enjoy in Grand Rapids.

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Along the shore of Lake Michigan, visitors can enjoy a nature-filled vacation in a place truly unique to northern Michigan. The multiple districts each have something different to see, from wild trails to sharply inclined beaches and long sandbars poking out of the water. This park offers many summer family programs and camps as well. If you can make the trip north, this peaceful natural treasure will not disappoint.

Lewis Farm Market And Petting Farm

No kid doesn’t like to meet different animals and see their amusing personalities. At this farm, guests can get taste treats from the farm to enjoy later that night. The farm sells homemade noodles, jams, candy, salsas, pie fillings, and plenty more. Be sure to visit the bakery and see what’s available based on the season. If your kids love meeting and petting the animals and want their friends to see them too, this farm offers deals on party planning!

AJ’s Family Fun Center

This video arcade and entertainment park has go-carting races in single or double cart varieties. Outside, visitors can also hit a few balls at the batting cages, and there are mini-golf courses for kids and adults with adjusted difficulty. Coolest of all in the summer are the bumper boats. If you haven’t heard of them, bumper boats are the same as bumper cars, only with inflatable inner tubes in a pool, which is a better prospect during the hottest days of the year.

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

Don’t be thrown off by the name, because this huge and well-maintained museum is great for all ages. Being suited to kids, many of the exhibits and activities are interactive, and feature interesting things to do that help visitors learn about music, construction, animals, and more. Kids who enjoy building things will love the building zone, where all sorts of different Legos and kids’ construction pieces await in different sizes and colors.

The next time you think of taking your family to the same old restaurant or park, consider something a little different, like one of these five places. It might even be a shorter trip, depending on where you live. We wish you and your family a great day out on the town!

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