5 Unusual Attractions to Visit in Michigan

Want a taste of the unusual? If you live in the Great Lakes State, you don’t have to look very far. There are many places in Michigan where visitors can see something they’d never see in another state. These five attractions range from interesting landmarks to local art and unforgettable restaurants.

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge

This charming bar and lounge in Detroit is a common venue for jazz musicians, and the bar is shaped like a giant, curving keyboard. Called the world’s oldest jazz club, this intimate but colorful space has a menu full of soul food classics, such as barbecue ribs and catfish nuggets. Opened in 1934, this lounge has seen many interesting visitors and events throughout the decades.

Joe’s Gizzard City

Speaking of soul food, fans of the more obscure Southern dishes should try lunch at Joe’s Gizzard City in Potterville, known for its deep-fried chicken gizzards. For those who balk at the idea, don’t worry, because this charming diner has burgers, burritos, and other tasty offerings. But true gizzard fans should try to visit in June for Gizzard Fest, an event with eating contests, family games, and other fun things to check out.

World’s Largest Weathervane

A weathervane is an instrument often seen atop buildings, especially on farms. It typically has a thin metal rooster on top and four directional arrows, with enough range of movement to tell the direction of the wind. In Montague, visitors can see the world’s largest weathervane, at 48 feet high and 26 feet long. It uses a metal ship as the wind sail instead of a rooster, and stands at Whitehall Metal Studios, which produces metal outdoor and indoor decorations. This is a good spot for taking a picture if you’re ever in the area.


That’s right, there’s an actual hamlet in Michigan named Hell, and the locals have quite the sense of humor about it. In all seriousness, the town, located northwest of Ann Arbor, has beautiful kayaking opportunities, ice cream, and convenient bus tours. Once you visit, you can say you’ve been to Hell and back. Be sure to visit a souvenir shop, as Hell has some of the funniest and most conversation-starting T-shirts and mugs of any place.

Fairy Doors

Head to Ann Arbor if you have younger kids who like this idea. Spread throughout the city, visitors can track down and take pictures of little doors that serve as the portals to the fairy world. The first door was found in a home in 1993 with no clear explanation of who made them or why. Today, businesses add colorful fairy doors to their property as a tradition, to have something interesting that families can try to spot. If you’re near Ann Arbor, get a map of all current known door locations, and see if you can find them all!

There’s a lot to see in Michigan beyond the beautiful lakes. It’s a state unlike any other, and we hope these five fun places will help show you why. Feel free to mention your favorite unusual attractions!

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