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What to Expect When You Work with Car City

The first step to getting a used vehicle can be a hard one to take, especially if you have been denied by banks or other car dealerships in the past. But we don’t want any anxiousness to stop you from getting a used vehicle. That is why we’d like to walk you through the process of working with us. After reading this post, you should feel entirely confident about walking into Car City and finding a used vehicle you love.

Step 1: Get Approved in Person or Online

The first step is getting approved! We welcome all credit. That being said, there are a few things that we still need to look into to make sure you’ll find success working with us.

  1. A valid Michigan or Indiana driver’s license
  2. Your most recent pay stub. We want to set you up for financial success, which means we need to make sure a monthly car payment can fit comfortably in your budget. Having a look at your most recent pay stub as well as your year-to-date earnings will help us assure this.
  3. Mail with your current address: We need to have your address on file so we have a way of staying in touch with you. A piece of mail that has your current address on it and that is postmarked within the last 30 days will be enough to verify your residence.
  4. SSI or disability award letter: If you receive Social Security or Disability, you’ll want to bring in your current award letter so we can provide any necessary services or discounts.

We know that it might be difficult for you to make it down here so we also offer an electronic application for your convenience. Once we receive your application, we will let you know if you’re approved and you can start shopping right away!

If you prefer getting things done in person, we have two options for you: schedule a visit online or visit us any one of our many locations when you have the time — no appointment necessary. You’ll meet with one of our sales managers who will look over your documents and let you know if you’re approved right then and there.

We would hate for you to go through the trouble of visiting one of our locations just to be told that you need a few pieces of paper, so again, be sure to bring the four (or three if you do not have SSI or Disability) items above with you.

Step 2: Meet with A Sales Manager

If you’re approved online, you can start your shopping experience right away. And if you need help or would like to move forward in person, feel free to call and schedule an appointment.
Getting approved in person works a little differently. We won’t need to schedule a meeting, because you’ll already be having one. After getting approved, the sales manager will simply ask you if you have any questions.

Regardless of which process you go with, at this point, you’ll be able to have a relaxed, low-pressure conversation with a sales manager. We know that leasing can seem confusing, so don’t hesitate to really dig deep here and ask whatever comes to your mind about working with us.

If at any point you decide that Car City isn’t a good fit for you, you can end the meeting and continue your search for a used vehicle elsewhere. No harm done. We might even be able to provide some recommendations based on your needs.

Step 3: Find the Perfect Vehicle for You

With a few pieces of information such as the kind of vehicle you are looking for, the sales manager can show you a variety of vehicles that might interest you.
We have hundreds of vehicles available in a variety of different makes and models, so you are bound to find something that matches your lifestyle. And if nothing calls out to you on our lot, you can view our full inventory online. You may not be able to drive off of our lot in a vehicle that day if you choose something from a different location, but it won’t take us long to get it ready for you.

Step 4: Fill Out the Paperwork

If you find a car you love, we can take care of your agreement right then and there so you can get on the road. The same sales manager you’ve been working with and one of our finance managers will walk you through the terms and conditions of your lease agreement and will go over your payment information as well. There will be some paperwork you’ll need to fill out at this stage, but nothing that will take more than a few minutes. You also need to prove that you have car insurance as required by state law.

Step 5: Drive Off in a Great Used Vehicle

After signing your name, you’ll be free to take the keys to your vehicle. And if you make $1,900 a month, you can even drive for just $39 down!

No more long bus rides or agonizing walks back from the grocery store. You’ll be driving around town in a car that suits you perfectly.

Ready to Work with Car City?

Now that you know what to expect from an experience with Car City, it is time to get started! As we mentioned above, you can get pre-approved for a vehicle here, schedule a visit with us here, or just come on by one of our many locations. We can’t wait to work with you!

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