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How to Get a Car After a Major Life Change

Things change and life happens, and in some cases, these life-changing events also change your financial situation. Some of these major life events can include things like:

  • graduating high school
  • graduating college with student loan debt
  • getting a divorce
  • moving to a new place
  • having a medical issue that resulted in large bills
  • having a change in employment status, like losing a job or getting fewer hours

If you’ve ever been through (or are currently going through) one of these things, you know that they can put you in a tough spot financially, sometimes leaving you with no credit or bad credit. And often after a major life event, you are left needing more resources, like a car. However, if you have no credit or bad credit, buying or leasing a car from a traditional dealership might not be an option. Instead, consider getting a lease from a buy here, pay here dealership like Car City.

How Car City Can Help

At Car City, we want to make it easy for people who have been through a major life event and are unable to get financing from a traditional car dealership to get a reliable vehicle. A challenging financial situation shouldn’t stand in the way of access to reliable transportation. Let’s take a look at a few of the things we do to make sure our customers have the best possible experience when they are trying to get a new car.

We only need $39 down
We know that if money is tight, putting a large down payment on a car can be extremely difficult. That’s why at Car City, in most cases, we only require $39 down to get you in a car and driving today!

We offer a variety of financing schedules
If you can afford more than a $39 down payment that’s great. The more money you put down up front, the lower your monthly payment can be. We’ll work with you to put together a payment schedule that will work best for your current financial situation.

We have more flexible credit requirements
We understand that if you’ve recently been through a major life event, that can have a huge impact on your credit situation. That’s why during the approval process, we don’t look at your credit score.

We have a variety of reliable vehicles.
A lot of buy here, pay here car dealerships who specialize in helping people with bad credit or no credit have a much smaller selection of new, reliable vehicles than we do. We have a wide selection of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs that you will be proud to drive and will get you where you need to go.

If you’ve been through a major life event and need a reliable vehicle, consider Car City. Click here to start your application and get approved in minutes!

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