How to Get a Used Car with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you know how hard it is to get a car. You may not have the money on hand, and receiving a loan from a bank can be challenging. If you need a vehicle and have less-than-perfect credit, the car-buying process can feel hopeless. At Car City, we understand this feeling and want to share how to get into a used car with imperfect credit.

How do you get a used car with bad credit? Work with the right car dealership.

Who is Car City?

Choosing the right dealership is the first step in getting a quality used vehicle with bad credit. Car City, for example, is a car dealership that leases used vehicles throughout Michigan and Indiana. Make sure the dealership specializes in working with customers of all credit scores. Our inventory consists of hundreds of options with a variety of makes and models which makes it easy to find a vehicle that matches your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Why should you work with Car City?

1. We don’t look at your credit score.

At Car City, your credit score doesn’t matter. It isn’t something we look into and it doesn’t play a role in the agreement that we make with you. We care more about what you’re trying to accomplish now. If you have a stable source of income that will allow you to find success with us, we want to work with you.

2. Our down payment is $39.

We want to make sure that if you need a vehicle now you can get it now, so we offer a $39 down payment for all of our vehicles. If you have $40 dollars in your pocket right now, you can walk on to one of our lots today and drive off in a matter of hours*.

*This assumes you meet our approval requirements: 48- or 54-month lease. $447 per month average. $1,900 minimum/month income required. $39 due at delivery. Excludes tax, title, license, and doc fees. No security deposit is required. Contact us for full guarantee and warranty details. Call 888-227-2489 for more information.

3. We’ll give you $1,000 for your vehicle.

We have a unique offer here at Car City: we’ll give you $1,000 dollars towards your lease agreement with us for ANY vehicle you can get to one of our locations. We don’t care if have to push, pull or drag it to the lot yourself. We don’t care if it has been through a flood, fire, or catastrophic incident. We don’t care if all of the doors are missing. If you bring it to one of our lots, you’ll get $1,000 towards your lease with us.

4. Upgrading is easy.

When your lease agreement with us is over, we make upgrading to a newer and nicer vehicle easy. We have locations all over Michigan and Indiana and hundreds of vehicles of a variety of makes and models, so finding something that suits your new lifestyle should be easy.

5. You can get pre-approved online right now.

Our approval process is quick and easy. You can visit our website right now, fill out our application in seconds, and get pre-approved for a lease agreement with us. With Car City, you can go from walking around town to driving in just a couple of hours.

Ready to work with Car City?

If you’re interested in working with Car City, you can schedule a visit to one of our locations or just reach out to us here. We’d love to help find the perfect vehicle for you!

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