How Is Your Parking Lot Etiquette?

It’s not a certainty that you’re part of the problem, but many people shut down all their driving instincts upon entering a parking lot or parking garage. Perhaps it’s the anxiety of finding a spot or that it’s not an actual road, but suddenly, no one seems to know how to drive. If you haven’t paid attention to your parking lot driving, or your driving becomes a bit erratic, follow these tips to ensure proper parking lot etiquette.

Don’t Be Lazy

It’s completely understandable if you’re ill, you’re pregnant, or you have small children that you’d want a parking spot close to a store entrance. However, it’s another thing altogether if you’re just being lazy. However, you still see it rather frequently. A vehicle waiting for five, 10, or 15 minutes to get the spot of a person leaving. Not only does this cause a traffic jam, but it also makes other drivers a bit irked. Don’t become shocked if you get some dirty looks or a crude gesture from this type of behavior. In fact, just don’t do it, period.

Park Correctly and Considerately

As you weave your way through a parking lot, oftentimes, you lay eyes on a car that’s decided it’s perfectly alright to take up two or more spaces. There’s just one thing with that: It’s not okay. If you have a fancy car that you don’t want touched by another car door or a shopping cart, leave it at home. The other alternative is to take up a single space where there aren’t any other vehicles. Usually, this spot is the furthest away from the store entrance. If you don’t do that, don’t get upset by other drivers’ reactions.

Avoid the Stalker Syndrome

This goes hand-in-hand with laziness but adds a whole different effect. You’ve probably been there before. You exit a store only to have a car steadily creep behind you at less than an idle speed. These drivers are making an effort to snipe the spot you vacate, albeit in a less-than-savory way. In addition to giving you fear, they’re also clogging up parking lanes. Don’t let this happen to you. If you just happen to get to the right place at the right time, perhaps it’s alright, but stalking isn’t something to make a habit.

Follow All Other Rules of the Road

One of the biggest problems most drivers run into in a parking lot or garage is a total disregard for any rules of the road. This includes, but isn’t limited to, using turn signals, following speed limits, or going the correct way through the parking lot. The rule here is that if a police officer would give you a ticket on the street, you probably shouldn’t do it in a crowded parking facility.

Don’t fall victim to the temptations of poor parking lot etiquette. Instead, keep your wits about you, drive courteously, and you’ll avoid any messes with other drivers. Even if you have to park far away, at least you’re still getting some exercise.

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