Summer Maintenance

Most northerners are familiar with the pattern of winter car maintenance and follow the steps of “winterizing” their car for the season. But fewer are aware of summer maintenance – simple steps that car owners can take to ensure that their vehicles are adequately prepared for the hot summer months:

  • Check your tires – tires expand and contract in response to temperature changes, so make sure they’re properly inflated to prevent blowouts or poor traction.

  • Replace your windshield wipers – winters can be tough on windshield wipers, so make certain that your wipers are in good shape for sudden summer storms.

  • Check the coolant and radiator – low coolant levels or a busted fan belt are the most common reasons for overheated cars, so keep an eye on your coolant levels and flush the radiator every 2 years.

These tips will help summer-proof your vehicle no matter how high the thermometer gets.

Prefer to be extra-extra-prepared? Check out this guide for winterizing your car when it’s that time again.

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