Summer Road Trip!

It’s fun to get out on the road and see some of the amazing sights America has to offer. Here’s our suggestion for a trip that’s a little off the beaten path:

  • Begin by departing Michigan and going just south to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the Hall of Heroes Museum. This comic book and superhero museum – the only one of its kind in the world – is sure to get your road trip off to a daring start. Creep through a recreation of the Batcave or get a rare glimpse at first edition comics from some of your favorite superheroes.
  • Next, head to Symmes Township, Ohio to brave the ramparts of Loveland Castle. This actual castle was built solo by Harry Andrews over the course of his long life and is currently maintained by the Knights of the Golden Trail. This group is dedicated to preserving both the castle and the Ten Commandments, in honor of Harry. Take a self-guided tour through the beautiful hand-built structure and surrounding gardens!
  • Circle around to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to gawk at the colorful curiosity of Randyland. This is the home of artist Randy Gilson and his vividly hued public art, open daily to the public. Randy’s creations and positivity are a wonderful way to experience some outsider art that helped revitalize his whole community.

On your way back home, stop off at Car City! After such a fun trip it’s probably time to think about the right car for your next adventure! Check out any one of our six locations before heading home to enjoy a much-needed rest.

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