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Used Vehicles: The Top Family Friendly Vehicles for Space, Safety, and Versatility

Most people who are searching for a family-friendly used car would agree that they want something that is versatile, comfortable and reliable. While these are great general descriptors, with most purchases, you’ll need to get a little more specific.
If you are in the market for a family-friendly used car, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself about what you want and need in a vehicle:

  • Do you need more seats or more cargo room or both?
  • Do you want an interior that is durable, stylish, or a bit of both?
  • Do you want an infotainment system and other bells and whistles to keep the kids occupied on car rides?

You also need to ask yourself a few questions about your family and your lifestyle…

  • Are you a new family of 3 or a family of 5+?
  • Is your family involved in a number or activites or do you keep things more low key?

Well, no matter the size of your family or your interests and hobbies, there is a vehicle on this list for you. Take a look at some of our top picks for family-friendly used cars, SUVs, truck and minivans.

Top Used Sedans

Ford Focus

If you are in the market for a safe, affordable family car that is a little sportier, the Ford Focus might be a good fit for you. The Ford Focus was totally redesigned in 2012, with another mid-cycle refresh in 2015, the main changes being the car’s nimble handling and premium interior.
Overtime, the Focus has a relatively low cost to own and holds its value quite well, making it a great vehicle for buying used.

Chevy Malibu

If you are new parents or have a small family, a mid-size sedan like the Chevy Malibu might be a good fit for you. The Malibu is safe, reliable and one of the top rated mid-size sedans on the market.
One of this car’s best features is its fuel efficiency. Cars in this category are quite fuel-efficient, but the Malibu’s MPG (miles per gallon) ratings are higher than those of the competition. Some of the Malibu’s other family-friendly features include:

  • Two full sets of LATCH connectors for installing child seats in the backseat.
  • More than 16 cubic feet of trunk space, making it great for moving groceries and any supplies needed for family outings.
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity, OnStar, and satellite radio are standard on all models from the early 2010’s onward.

Top Used SUV’s

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep has a reputation of making vehicles that are durable and able to handle some of the toughest road (and off-road) conditions, so if you’re looking for vehicle that your family can take on outdoor adventures, the Grand Cherokee is a great choice.
The Grand Cherokee has a good mix of passenger space and cargo room. It has seating for 5, with three full LATCH connectors for installing child safety seats. The trunk has 36.3 cubic feet of cargo space, which expands to 68.3 cubic feet if the 2nd row is folded down, so there is plenty of room for anything you might need to transport.

Chevy Traverse

Across model years, the Chevy Traverse has won a number of awards for being the best family 3rd row SUV. The Traverse can comfortably seat up to eight people, with adult-sized room in all three rows, something that is lacking in other competing SUVs. It also has one of the most spacious cargo holds in the class, so there is a lot of room for all of the things your family needs.
Despite being large and spacious, the Traverse is quiet and offers a smooth ride. Its ride quality is soft and comfortable, and the cabin is insulated from road and wind noise.
Another thing that sets the Traverse apart from the pack is its standard features. Models from the early 2010’s include climate control, Bluetooth, a USB port, HD Radio, satellite radio, rear-seat entertainment system and a 6.5-inch touch-screen infotainment system.

Top Used Minivans

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a great option if you are looking for a simple family van. While the Grand Caravan might not have some of the extra bells and whistles that competitors have, it does have top safety ratings and a low cost of ownership.
Vehicle handling is where the Grand Caravan really shines. In addition to strong breaks, it has a fantastic turning radius, making it ideal for driving in tight spaces like parking lots and backroads.
The Dodge Grand Caravan is great for large families. It has seating for 7, including 3 LATCH connectors for installing car seats, as well as stow-and-go seating for those times when you need a little bit of extra cargo space.

Chrysler Town & Country

If you need a lot of seating, but want a car with top safety rating for things like carpooling or driving kids to after-school activities, the Chrysler Town & Country is a great option.
The Town & Country has outstanding safety scores, which is perhaps the most important characteristic of a family vehicle. Not only is it safe, but it’s very versatile; it has stow and go seating in 2nd and 3rd rows, not a typical feature in minivans.
Let’s talk for a moment about the interior of the vehicle. There is the widespread notion that minivans have bland interiors and lack some of the cool features that other vehicles have; that is simply not the case with the Town and Country. The interior is constructed from premium materials, including nicely textured plastics and comfortable leather upholstery. There are a number of features that come standard including:

  • rear-seat entertainment system
  • power driver’s seat
  • power sliding doors
  • power liftgate
  • rearview camera
  • satellite radio
  • Bluetooth

Top Used Trucks

Chevy Silverado

Who says a pickup truck can’t be a family vehicle? With a Chevy Silverado, it can be. Extended and crew cab models can seat up to 6 people and feature LATCH connectors for use with car seats.
The Silverado has an upscale interior and comfortable ride that you might expect more from a luxury family SUV, rather than a pickup truck. The trucks powerful engine and good handling mean that if you do have to do any hauling or towing, the Silverado is more than up to the challenge.

Ford F-150 XL

The Ford F-150 is a fantastic option if you are a smaller family and want a truck that is versatile enough to be both a good work truck and a family vehicle. The SuperCab and SuperCrew models have spacious backseats that come equipped with full sets of LATCH connectors to securely install child safety seats.
Ford truck drivers will tell you that the F-150 is one of the most reliable trucks on the market and that is part of the reason why the brand has such a loyal following. The F-150 also has some of the highest safey ratings among trucks in its class.

If you have thought about the right type of car for your family and are ready to see some in person, set up an appointment to come check out our large selection of used cars, SUVS, trucks and vans.

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